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Avoid These 8 Time Sucks For New Bloggers

Here are 8 time sucks that new bloggers fall into that rob them of productivity. Avoid these time thieves to get more done in less time, and start making money with your blog even faster. It’s not about being busy, but being productive.

When you first get started blogging, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being busy instead of being productive. After all, there’s so much to do and you have to do it all.

Productivity isn’t about doing all the things; it’s about doing the right things!

Here are 8 common time sucks that new bloggers fall into. Once you identify them, you can avoid them, and start being more productive…and less busy.

Time Suck #1: Obsessing Over Looks

It’s so easy to go shopping for a blog theme, decide on color choices, stare at fonts until your eyes glaze over, and work on all the things you think make a solid brand.

But you know what? Obsessing over looks isn’t any more effective in the blogging world than it is in real life.

Looks are important, sure. They help shape your reader’s impression of your blog and even help craft their experience. However, there are way more important elements to creating a strong brand that you need to focus on.

Pick a simple, optimized theme and pick your colors. Then get cracking on building your business.

Time Suck #2: Too Much Social Media

Social media can be one of your biggest assets and one of your largest time sucks. It’s great to start building your Pinterest account and your Facebook page. Or maybe you’re going to focus on Twitter or Instagram.

Go ahead, and grab all your social media handles on any and every social media platform. That’s just smart planning. But don’t get sucked into spending all your time on these social media platforms.

Focus one and then add a second once you’ve got enough content created to really warrant spending your time here.

Time Suck #3: Too Many Courses

Listen, teaching new bloggers how to make money blogging is a lucrative business. We all want to be successful and we all want to make money. And those who have done it are more than happy to share their wisdom with you…for a price.

And let’s be honest: it’s tempting to buy all the courses and invest in all the products to grow faster.

But here’s the thing: you’ve got to stop doing that. Buy one course or product, work your way through it, and then implement what you learned on your blog. Then…and only then…move onto the next shiny new object (as long as it’s going to help you grow!).

Time Suck #4: The Comparison Trap

It can be nice to talk to other bloggers about what they’ve done, where they are, and what you’re doing. After all, they get it. No doubt, it’s nice to have friends who are right there with you.

But comparing your journey to theirs (and let’s be honest: your numbers to theirs), you’re falling down a rabbit hole that doesn’t lead to growth or income, but can keep take your time.

Don’t look at others who are also on the journey with you; look at those who have made it. And don’t compare numbers; compare habits

-Lisa, Coffee & keyboard

Habits are consistent efforts that create successful results. Look at bloggers you know are successful and begin to take your cues from them; what are they doing? Do that. But don’t compare yourself to other bloggers who are also trying to grow.

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Time Suck #5: Checking Your Numbers

Just like comparing your numbers to someone else’s is a waste of time, stalking your own numbers doesn’t help you grow either.

It’s easy to check Google Analytics on your phone and bite your nails over the number of people on your site right now.

But you know what? That’s not helping get them there. Your time is better spent strategically promoting your content than it is staring at those 6 people who are live on your site right now.

When you’re a more established blogger, you’ll use that analytics date to create a strategy for scaling future growth…but for now? Just check in once a week, or even once a month.

Worry more about your habits as a blogger than your statistics.

Time Suck #6: Facebook Blogging Groups

Blogging communities on facebook (or elsewhere) can be super informative if you use them for reference.

But if they become your new hang out? Well, then they’ve just become a time suck that is stealing your efforts away from what really matter.

Remember, you don’t want to keep busy as a new blogger; you want to be productive! So set your timer before heading into the black hole of your favorite blogging community, and leave when it dings so you can get back to being productive.

Time Suck #7: Ineffective SEO Practices

Focusing on SEO is one of the most critical aspects of building a blog that makes money. Hands down, you’re going to need to learn SEO and implement all you pick up as you grown.

However, staring at Yoast and working toward the holy grail of green lights isn’t going to make you rank with Google. It’s simply a tool to use that may (or may not) help strengthen your blog foundations.

Ineffective SEO practices such as shoving keywords into your post all willy-nilly to make more Yoast lights go green is a waste of time.

Time Suck #8: Quantity Over Quality

Have you heard that there’s a “magic number” of blog posts you need on your site to really gain some traction?

It’s true…and it’s not true.

It’s not the number of posts that you have as much as it is the law of averages. The more awesome content you have on your site, the faster your traffic will grow because there are most posts for people to visit.

However, just creating more posts to hit that “magic number” is a total waste of time. If you rush forward thinking about quantity over quality, you’re wasting your time…and your reader’s.

You want to spend your time creating valuable posts that resonate with them, solve a problem for them, and enhance their lives in some way. It’s quality over quantity!

Avoiding Time Sucks Like A Pro

Now that you’re aware of these 8 common ways new bloggers (and even old pros!) waste time, you can avoid them as well.

Spend less time worrying about what others are doing and more time focusing on creating a strong brand with a strong content strategy so that you can “wow” your audience…and start making some money faster!

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