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Welcome to the biz espresso Podcast

Quick jolts of actionable awesome, brewed weekly.

You don’t have time to listen to a 5-hour long audio book or watch another Summit for a few good takeaways. You just want the skinny on what’s actually going to help impact your life and business…in fifteen minutes or less. Don’t worry, friend, I got you!

Featured Episodes

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season 1 episode 7 market saturation podcast graphic

Ep 7: Handling Market Saturation

Learn how to go well beyond “like, know, and trust” to building a truly irresistible brand that isn’t even challenged by a saturated market. You might think your niche is pretty saturated already and there’s no room for what you…
podcast artwork episode 6 of Biz Espresso: protecting your content from theft

Ep 6: Protect Your Content From Being Stolen

In this day of digital marketing, online content delivery, and competition to rank or reach the right audience better and faster than others in your field, it can be daunting to create excellent content…and protect it from being stolen and…
entrepreneurial burnout

Ep 5: Entrepreneurial Burnout

Burnout is a buzz word these days and hustle is its partner…it’s time to write a new story where rest is your secret ingredient and over-work is a thing of the past. BUT what do you do if you’ve already…
content marketing biz espresso episode artwork

Ep 4: Content Marketing Done Strategically

Whether you’re a content creator, service provider, or your niche falls into a different area, one thing is certain: you are creating content! That content has many purposes in and for your business and it can take a variety of forms….
setting business boundaries podcast artwork

Ep 3: The Real Reason You Need Boundaries

The purpose of boundaries around your business isn’t to protect your work schedule; it’s time for an upside down approach that will change your life. Setting your business boundaries can be one of the most empowering and freeing (seriously, truly…

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meet your host

Hi, I’m Lisa.

INTJ, strategy ninja, lover of lattes, & super blunt biz bestie…

I’m also a mom of 8, owner of a profitable six-figure business (with multiple revenue streams!), and committed to working part-time hours so I have plenty of time to play with my kids, care for our homestead, work in our community, and veg out with a good novel.

And I help other women do the same…

productivity tips (you can actually use)

Busyness or Business?

Don’t forget to enjoy not just the thrill of your completely amazing results, but the process of productivity. When you enjoy not just what you achieve but what you do, you’ll truly be successful.


Overcoming Distractions

There are plenty of distractions in the modern world…and each and every one is an enemy of your purpose. They steal your focus and your energy from where it belongs so you become less effective. Here’s how to overcome…

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