Ep 1: Brew Your Essential Business Philosophy

A properly created business philosophy is essential to profit, growth, and building a legacy business.

It equips you to know which opportunities to say “YES!” to…and reveals which ones are just shiny objects in disguise. It allows you to spend your time without regrets and build a business you want to work in. Plus, your business philosophy will increase your profits when it’s created well.

Business philosophy isn’t some idea you discuss in a classroom; it’s the foundation of your business. It shapes what you do, how you grow, and the choices you make as CEO. By intentionally brewing your business philosophy today, you’ll save yourself the headache (and heartache) of having to pivot later since you won’t get derailed, distracted, or discouraged.

Your business philosophy will serve as your compass, directing your path and helping you reach your destination instead of spinning your wheels, chasing shiny objects, or wasting your time on unprofitable ventures. This foundational business strategy is oft forgotten in today’s marketplace, so creating yours and using it to guide you will keep you focused and moving forward.

In this episode, we cover:

  • One thing many entrepreneurs don’t do, that will give you the edge
  • How you can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ confidently, with no regrets or second guesses
  • What will help you stand out to your people, so they flock to you
  • How to build and grow a values-driven business you’re proud of

Business philosophy resources mentioned:

The Business Primer: helping you lay the proper foundation for your business and guiding you to the ideal business philosophy for your business.

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