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Ep 4: Content Marketing Done Strategically

Whether you’re a content creator, service provider, or your niche falls into a different area, one thing is certain: you are creating content!

That content has many purposes in and for your business and it can take a variety of forms. Maybe you’re creating a course, marketing posts, audio and/or visual content such as a podcast or live stream…whatever it is, it’s still content creation.

And content creation requires one very important thing: content marketing. 

No matter how much you create, if your people don’t know you’re creating it for them, and if they don’t understand the value it brings to them, they’re never going to invest in it. And that’s where content marketing comes in.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The many forms content marketing can take
  • The value of content marketing as free promotion for your business (when done right!)
  • The most essential insight needed to create truly strategic content for your marketing (that many entrepreneurs completely ignore)
  • Why just creating content isn’t enough any more, and what to do instead

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